After the month of June 2012 Diapered Kitten will not be updated with new content for the foreseeable future.

Due to recent allowable content rule changes by Visa and Mastercard, much of our video content (on Mmm...Diapers!) has been taken down while we investigate alternative sales methods. Since sales of videos were what have supported production of new content for Diapered Kitten for the last couple of years, it is no longer financially viable for us to continue updating Diapered Kitten. We will continue to rebuild our video site, and, when it has recovered, we will work on getting Diapered Kitten back into production mode again.

The site will continue to operate, but it will not be updated until further notice. We've slashed the membership price to reflect this, and all existing memberships will not be rebilled in June.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been a fan, a friend, or both over the last four years that we've had the priviledge to share our interests with you at Diapered Kitten.

Welcome to Diapered Kitten

Diapered Kitten is the snuggly sister site of Diaper Brats, and here it's all about Kitty and her friends regressing and enjoying the innocent side of diapers! In addition to intimate access to Kitty's fun, private blog, you will also be treated to updates of 100% new and original videos and photo sets twice each week featuring:

  • ageplay
  • regression
  • thick, crinkly disposable diapers
  • soft, fluffy cloth diapers
  • adorable adult baby girls
  • cute adult baby boys
  • authentic school uniforms with diapers peaking out!
  • fun plastic pants and adult baby outfits
  • real AB-sized nursery furniture
  • kind but firm caretakers
  • and other cute ageplay fun!

Kitty is an active member or Denver's ageplay community, so she is friends with lots of other real-life little and adult baby girls and boys. Some of them expressed an interest in being featured on the website, so subscribers are now treated to gallery sets featuring several other adorable, cuddly, real adult baby girls, adult baby boys, and caretakers.

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